Saturday, July 10, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things:

the wind in my hair
the smell of fresh rain on the cement
colored sharpies
down comforters and great sheets
ice cold water
big sweatshirts that are worn in
high heels that make my calves look awesome
my feet
cleaning supplies
old pictures that bring back memories
a really good hug
fireworks that are so loud you can feel it
dancing in the kitchen
laughing so hard tears roll down my cheeks
long drives with no particular destination
laying in the sun for hours
road trips
my hands and the tan lines from my rings
eggs on toast
having my hair played with
body butter
silver jewelery
princess cut diamonds and how they sparkle
my eyes
rainier cherries
oriental rice crackers by the pound
making breakfast... french toast, hash browns, bacon, eggs...
full body massages
making people laugh and be happy
incredible views of city lights
long walks and hikes with great views
foot rubs... giving and receiving
roasting marsh mellows over the stove on forks
camping... in a tent
singing at the top of my lungs in the car
being barefoot
gifts that have more sentimental value than monetary value
christmas lights
mod podge picture blocks
making friends
steak so good you don't need any sauce
seattle waterfront, the aquarium and pike place market
freshly shaved legs
pouring rain after a dry spell
seafood cocktail from ivars
naps on sunday afternoon on the front room floor
bones... the tv show
the color green
inside jokes
dreams that feel oh-so real
exploding targets and big guns
the ringing of an assigned ring tone
ford trucks
grape nuts cereal
sleeping in
roses and orchids and gerber daisies
dc shoes that make my feet look cute and bossy
manual transmissions
quotable movies and comedians
victoria's secret five for twenty-five tables
hot yoga
giraffe print
hand written letters
a really good pen that writes really well
otters... river and sea
clean clothes
listening to a soothing voice
sleep (which i'm hoping i'll get some of tonight)



Christina Beacham said...

Ki! I love your list. I should make a list of my own.

Anonymous said...

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