Friday, August 29, 2008

for my best friend...

happy birthday to you...
happy birthday to you!!
happy birthday dear best friend,happy birthday to you!!!
i love you lots! hope your birthday is
everything you wish for and more!!

love me.


Monday, August 25, 2008

the gorge, jason statham and epi-pens

i worked Friday from 5:30-2:30... to say the least, it was one of the worst days EVER. apparently when i talk, nobody cares to listen and the people that are supposed to be working for me don't seem to care that i exist... i was reduced almost to tears i was so angry...

then my lovely Polly, Abraham and Megan came to rescue me. they picked me up and we were off! a couple hours later, there we were... the Gorge in George, to see Jack Johnson. it was great!! the view was amazing, the weather was fine, the people-watching was incredible... i mean really, could life get any better?
the music started, the opening bands played, some of it was kinda weird... oh well. the crowd filled until there was no grass to be seen. just people.

we met our newest friend, Tyler, who came over to say hello and ask us where we were from. clearly a little tipsy already, we indulged him. turns out we were born in the same hospital. what are the odds of that?? megan thought he was pretty amusing...
the sun went down, and it was a beautiful sunset. when jack started the crowd cheered!! the wind blew and all we could smell was weed. yup. i could definitely smell a bit of "ha-sheesh". (sally, that was for you) i'm pretty sure we were all getting contact-high... all we could breath was second hand cigarette smoke, bong hits and alcohol of all sorts.
oh! it gets even better... a couple songs into the show the group behind us started to get obnoxious beyond all reason. they were sliding down the hill so they were practically on top of us, one chick kicked Abraham in the head a couple times, another chick was belligerently drunk... she started yelling, in the most nasal, annoying, loud voice
i wanted to turn around 3 or 4 times and just say "lady. you're cut off. shut up or i'll be forced to kick you in the throat."
ugh! she was irritating.
when the music started sounding like a radio at a party that nobody was listening to, and the air was too hard to breathe we decided to bounce. we left at 10pm and headed home. we made it home around 12:30-1ish. i don't remember most of the drive... i was sleeping... in fact, i don't remember the ride there either because i slept through that too... i woke up with "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" playing in my head... i couldn't figure it out, so i asked if it was playing, to which Abraham responded "i was singing it..." ah ha! that explains it.

Saturday night was the drive-in. we saw Death Race and Mummy 3... i'm pretty sure that i've got the biggest crush on Jason Statham in the WORLD! i don't know if there could be a hotter man on earth... i mean really... DANG! before the movies started Abraham and i played a little catch. a quick jaunt to the bano for some mild entertainment, compliments of Banana... she was telling us something while doing some leg stretches on the wall... gotta love her! the movies was INCREDIBLE. i will own it. we didn't care to stay for the second movie, so we left...
tonight was another interesting evening. there's never a dull moment at my house...
we're all here, watching the Notebook, mid-movie Polly pauses it and has a story for all of us. turns out she slapped Abraham across the face today and it was quite humorous. he has Epi-Pens for emergency situations and he was showing Polls how they work. there were 2 in the box and then a third that was like a re-fill or whatever. he showed her how when you push it in, the giant needle goes into your leg and the stuff comes out... then he grabbed the re-fill and pulled off the cap, like he did with the first one, looks over a Polly, so takes a step back and then POW! hits her back in the leg. can you IMAGINE the look on her face?! she gasps, looks at Abraham, hesitates for a second and the WHAM! slaps him across the face. for the next bit he can't look at her without this look on her face of complete and utter confusion... "what just happened?" i'm pretty sure that if i had been there for this event i would have been rolling on the floor, unable to breathe from laughing so hard... i mean really, i was laughing so hard i was about to pass out from lack of oxygen... good times...

*sigh* okie. time for bed... gotta work early!!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

viva la vida - coldplay

i used to rule the world
seas would rise when i gave the word
now in the morning i sleep alone
sweep the streets i used to own

i used to roll the dice
feel the fear in my enemies eyes
listen as the crowd would sing:
"now the old king is dead! long live the king!"

one minute i held the key
next the walls were closed on me
and i discovered that my castles stand
upon pillars of salt, and pillars of sand

i hear jerusalem bells are ringing
roman cavalry choirs are singing
be my mirror my sword and shield
my missionaries in a foreign field
for some reason i can not explain
once you know there was never, never an honest word
that was when i ruled the world

it was the wicked and wild wind
blew down the doors to let me in.
shattered windows and the sound of drums
people could not believe what i'd become
revolutionaries wait
for my head on a silver plate
just a puppet on a lonely string
oh who would ever want to be king?

i hear jerusalem bells are ringing
roman cavalry choirs are singing
be my mirror my sword and shield
my missionaries in a foreign field
for some reason i can not explain
i know saint peter won't call my name
never an honest word
and that was when i ruled the world
(ohhhhh ohhh ohhh)

hear jerusalem bells are ringing
roman cavalry choirs are singing
be my mirror my sword and should
my missionaries in a foreign field
for some reason i can not explain
i know saint peter will call my name
never an honest word
but that was when i ruled the world
oooooh oooooh oooooh