Saturday, July 26, 2008

wade's: a place to "shoot" the breeze

my beautiful roommate and i went shooting the other day with her lovely boyfriend, (my adopted brother) and his buddy. i'm pretty sure that it was a blast. i was nervous because i've never shot a hand gun before... and polls had never shot a gun at ALL... so we were nervous together....
but there we were!
we both shot a 45 and i shot a 9mm

i only hit the target once... my brother did those other ones...
(if you can read it, it says "kiley's first shot" and then points to it)

they were so cute... he helped her aim...

these are the men i want protecting me... a wonderful shot, both of them...
it was QUITE an experience... i shot once... then got nervous and missed the dang paper with every other shot... but i got some great tips from these men, so next time i'll hopefully do better. and next time we'll shoot rifles too... woo hoo!!
the first gun i ever shot was a black powder rifle... aaaaand i made my own bullets.
bam! i'm amazing ;) haha!!
anyway... fun times. i can't wait to go again!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

hilarity at lowes

my dear roommate Ems and i have been doing computer training at Lowe's these past couple days...
so pretty much we've been sitting in a room, with no air conditioning, only a fan to circulate the stuffy air, staring at computers taking stupid tests for 8 hours a day for 2 days...
can you say BORING?!
the brain capacity is close to full and we're tired and bored, which makes everything 10 times more humorous...
there we are, taking tests, laughing at the ridiculous answers and text questions...
Ems turns to me and says:
"what a terrible word for someone that's dyslexic... (something like) Cynerjyk"
me: "haha, yeah! they can't say their S's..."
me: "wait... you said 'dyslexic', i heard 'lisp'..."
(both laughing hysterically)
oh wow... i'm pretty much sure that i'm the most retarded person alive...

just thought i'd share a bit of hilarity...


Friday, July 11, 2008

co-ed softball... a laughing matter...

so i've been recruited to the F9ers co-ed softball team...
sadly i've only been able to go to 1 practice due to, well... strep/mono and other things that have been getting in the way lately.
anyway, last night was our first game.
what i didn't know about these games is that they're by TIME not by INNING... we get 1 hour to play a game, then 1 hour to play another game against the same team... if we each win one it's a tie. if one team wins both, obviously they win.
i played left-center field last night... first time i've played softball in 4 years... so i was a little rusty... i missed a catch that any other day i would have caught... stupid me, i didn't wear my glasses the first inning... needless to say i was pissed and wore them the rest of the game.
i did however get a couple singles and i stole home in the first game.
the whole time i was standing out in left-center i was making my own commentary on the game... well... kinda. more like i was making fun of people out loud, but no one else could hear me... so i laughed at my own jokes... gotta love the easily amused.
there was this one guy on the other team that was giving pointers to the pitcher... saying things like "don't be afraid to throw it a little further..." cuz she wasn't quite getting it over the plate... and she would just say "ok, yeah, thanks...." and continue on. well, next inning they switched and he was the pitcher... and he SUCKED!! HA-larious. this same guy also hit a pop RIGHT to our left fielder... after telling his team to keep it low, keep it down... blah blah... wow... so for the rest of the game he was nic-named "the cocky one".
anyway... it was a GREAT game... we beat the CRAP out of them first game, and then came from behind and tied it up in the second game. woo hoo!! :)
GO F9ERS!!! hahaha!!
wish us luck for the rest of the season!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

junior? JUNIOR?!

Once upon a time, Big Kev, a friend of Little Ems, came over and brought his VCR (or "VHS player", as i like to call it... shut up Ross...) and the Indiana Jones trilogy... while watching them, the Last Crusade to be precise, i happened to look up in the corner of our vaulted ceiling and i saw this huge moth... Little Ems says "he's been there forever! he needs a name" Polls says "lets call him Indiana Jones Junior" i said "just Junior... (polls: why?) 'Junior' is what his dad called him... his name isn't Indiana Jones, he wanted to be called Indiana but... 'we named the DOG Indiana'..." so we started calling this moth Junior.
one day i came home and i was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden, mid conversation with i can't remember who, i stopped, looked up, almost giving myself whip-lash and he was gone. "JUNIOR?! JUNIOR?!! NOOOO!!!! JUNIOR'S GONE!!" i was distraught. i couldn't find him on the ceiling, the walls, the nooks, ANYwhere!! he was gone.
i found out today that my Ukrainian friend, Vanya, had captured my Junior, and set him free!!
*sigh* no more junior.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

brazillians, mac n' cheese, and strep throat

so basically the past 2 days have royally sucked...
*sigh* where do i begin?
yesterday morning i woke up feeling a little less than great, and nervous as heck because my lovely roommate talked me into going to get a Brazilian wax with her. i'm not going in to detail, because i fear losing some of you as friends... but let me just tell you that it hurt just as much, if not more, than you can imagine... crap. i admit it... i cried. but, crazy as it sounds, i don't regret it. just like polls says... "it's one of those things on your list of things to do before you die". i got so worked up and used so much energy trying NOT to scream profanities at the top of my lungs that i was flipping exhausted when it was all over. i almost fell asleep on the couch while she got hers.
well, on the drive home my body started to ache... my lower back was the worst. we stopped for gas and the pain was unbearable. tears started rolling down my cheeks. polls got back in the car and asked me if i was crying, to which i answered yes, but that i didn't know why. to make matters worse i couldn't make it stop. they just kept coming and more and more of my body started aching. my skin started burning, but i was freezing!! i kept getting chills and goose bumps even though it was hot outside. it hurt to swallow. when we got home i went inside, grabbed my blanket and snuggle pillow and curled up on the couch and cried. sobbed for the first time in who knows how long. and i still didn't know why. i mean yeah, i was in pain, and yeah i had kinda just gone through a bit of a trauma, but sobbing uncontrollably?! what's wrong with me?! i called my best friend, spat and without me saying more than hello he knew something was terribly wrong. i got a long-distance hug, and someone to talk to for a bit while the tears subsided.
unfortunately i had to get up and dressed and make myself look presentable because i had a drug test to take. (yeah, i'm going back to work for Lowe's... long story...)
after that my B convinced me that laying in the sun would make me feel better, so i put on my swim suit and dress and went down to the beach and laid in the sun... but it didn't help. i hugged him goodbye and went home and curled up on my couch again.
i asked a couple friends to come and give me a blessing. p.s. i don't think that i can say it enough, THANKS GUYS!!! you're seriously the greatest ever. and just fyi, i'm feeling 10 times better today.
after that i was forced to sit in a hot bath for half an hour... let me tell you, that's LONG past pruney-finger time... and i had to drink this nasty crap that's supposed to make my throat not hurt anymore. when i got out i dried off and got in my pj's and got my bed all ready to get in, put some water bottles next to it and some saltines. (dang those are good crackers) i took my temperature before i went to bed... sure enough, i had a fever... 102.4
i sweat it off during the night... i had a fan blowing on me and everything! i woke up with soaking wet sheets and clothes... that's just foul. but hey, broke my fever and i'm already feeling better. i discovered that it was strep throat and not the flu, which is what we thought at first... but yeah... i've never felt so crappy before in my LIFE... i really thought that i was going to have to go see a doctor... i HATE the doctor... do i sound like i'm 5? all they ever do is poke me and tell me things i already know and then charge me through the nose for telling me that.
well... TODAY i feel better... not 100% yet, but better. sadly, my roommate had to go to the eye doctor to get her eye checked out that i hit with a pop can about a week ago... i can't remember if i've already told that story, but the short version is we were dorking around playing baseball with a pop can and a steel bat and i smashed her in the eye with the can by accident... i don't think i can apologize enough... i still feel bad, but she keeps telling me not to worry about it... and then today she tells me she's going to the doctor... great. OH! and she had surgery... apparently the black dot she kept seeing when she looked up wasn't a bruise... it was her retina disconnecting from the rest of her flippin eye!! still, she tells me not to worry... how can i not?! i sent my roommate to the doctor for SURGERY and i'm not supposed to worry about it? really?
anyway... i'm spending the night at a friends house because the doctor doesn't want her running the risk of getting infected... i can understand that. i'm just not happy that i can't be there for her like she was there for me last night. i feel bad that i can't take care of her like she took care of me... *sigh*
anyway... i hung out at home today, watching almost every movie i own and drinking water. i had mac n' cheese for the first time in a long time... it was gross, but it was warm and easy to eat... so i suffered through it. besides, i ran out of crackers and straight water wasn't cuttin' it. i was starving.
now i'm just chillin with my little bro... watching Fun With Dick and Jane... HA-larious!!
peace out.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

laughing is a workout...

k guys... i've been increasingly worse at this...
so sorry...
in my defense, it has been CRAZY in my life here this past month.
i'm pretty sure that i've never laughed as much as i have since i moved in with my girls, Polls and Ems. they make me so happy!! such positive people are hard to find. they're so laid back and anti-drama, i love it. they're always in a good mood, and constantly telling me how beautiful they think i am and how much they love me.
i love them too... so much that words can't describe.
every time one of us says something hilarious we write it on a post-it and put it on the fridge... i think i've mentioned that before... every time i get something out of the fridge i laugh just thinking about it.
last night was no exception.
it was the most amazing thunder and lightning storm EVER.
it seriously looked like a light show... it was INCREDIBLE!!
Polls and i were on our way home after taking home our gimpy friend Abraham and the lightning was going nuts!! flash after flash lit up the sky...
as we pulled into our apartment complex the entire sky lit up about 4 times right in a row.
i yelled at the top of my lungs "WHOOOOOA!!! did you SEE it?!"
Polls turns to me and says "ok, hold on... 'WHOOOOOA!!'..."
i busted up laughing... almost ran us into a couple curbs before we made it to our parking spot.
HAlarious! i laughed so hard i was crying and almost peed my pants, for reals.
we came in and re-capped for Ems and her friend and laughed all over again.
every day is like this around our apartment. we can't go ONE day without one of us saying something completely ridiculous and hilarious all at the same time.
we crack ourselves up.
oh wow... so funny.

i love living here!! :) ever day is better and better :)