Sunday, March 28, 2010

ping-pong = stupid

i used to be a big fan of ping pong.
i've had a lot of time to just sit and think today...
and i've decided that ping pong SUCKS.
especially when you play against a guy.
it's completely unfair.
they bring a new meaning to the phrase "being the ball"
let me elaborate.
there is no gray area when it comes to guys....
they're either on, or they're off...
in the immortal words of katy perry:
"you're hot then you're cold,
you're yes then you're no,
you're in then you're out,
you're up then you're down..."
i feel like i've got "a case of a love bi-polar"...
if you're into me, you're into me...
if you're not, you're not...
but it can't be "i'm into you yesterday...
but not today...
but maybe tomorrow."
it's just not fair....
not by any stretch of the imagination.
you can't have your cake and eat it too.
that's not how it works.
it's not fair to girls because that's just asking for a mental break down.
it's not fair to guys because they're potentially missing out on something that could have been great.
and this is why:
inevitably the girl will get tired and put her paddle down on the table and walk away.
i'm about to that point.
call me crazy, but i'm the type of girl that likes a straight answer.
whether it hurts or not.
tell me the truth!
i'd rather have the truth and be hurt right NOW
than to be dropped later and have it be from such a height that i can't recover.
and that is the voice of experience...
it's hard to recover gracefully when you've fallen face first over the edge.
sometimes i just think that it looks so hilarious that guys let us fall just to see how funny girls look when their face hits the pavement...
other times i think that girls over-think things and send themselves careening over the edge without thinking...
like my dad always says:
"it's not the fall that kills you...
its the quick stop at the bottom."
then there's the complete opposite situation...
when you've been told bluntly that this is not it,
but you go for it anyway...
these people are just gluttons for punishment.
if you put yourself in the situation
deal with it
if you're doing it to yourself,
i have no sympathy for you.
you have the power to change your situation.
so do it.
stop complaining.
i feel like this has been a very random rambling...
if you followed it, good for you.
if not... sorry.