Saturday, July 10, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things:

the wind in my hair
the smell of fresh rain on the cement
colored sharpies
down comforters and great sheets
ice cold water
big sweatshirts that are worn in
high heels that make my calves look awesome
my feet
cleaning supplies
old pictures that bring back memories
a really good hug
fireworks that are so loud you can feel it
dancing in the kitchen
laughing so hard tears roll down my cheeks
long drives with no particular destination
laying in the sun for hours
road trips
my hands and the tan lines from my rings
eggs on toast
having my hair played with
body butter
silver jewelery
princess cut diamonds and how they sparkle
my eyes
rainier cherries
oriental rice crackers by the pound
making breakfast... french toast, hash browns, bacon, eggs...
full body massages
making people laugh and be happy
incredible views of city lights
long walks and hikes with great views
foot rubs... giving and receiving
roasting marsh mellows over the stove on forks
camping... in a tent
singing at the top of my lungs in the car
being barefoot
gifts that have more sentimental value than monetary value
christmas lights
mod podge picture blocks
making friends
steak so good you don't need any sauce
seattle waterfront, the aquarium and pike place market
freshly shaved legs
pouring rain after a dry spell
seafood cocktail from ivars
naps on sunday afternoon on the front room floor
bones... the tv show
the color green
inside jokes
dreams that feel oh-so real
exploding targets and big guns
the ringing of an assigned ring tone
ford trucks
grape nuts cereal
sleeping in
roses and orchids and gerber daisies
dc shoes that make my feet look cute and bossy
manual transmissions
quotable movies and comedians
victoria's secret five for twenty-five tables
hot yoga
giraffe print
hand written letters
a really good pen that writes really well
otters... river and sea
clean clothes
listening to a soothing voice
sleep (which i'm hoping i'll get some of tonight)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hilarity in the work place

so here i sit, taking calls like i do every day.
i have my feet propped up on my desk like so:
i sit like this every day.
i've been having a less than fantastic day today...
it's a long story, i'm not going to get into it.
i have my keyboard in my lap and my headset clipped to my shirt.
just relaxing, trying to focus on something besides my hatred of stupid people.
all of a sudden i moved slightly and felt gravity pulling me in a direction i didn't necessarily want to go...
i grabbed my half-a-cubicle partition in hopes that i could save myself.
i failed.
before i could blink i was on my back.
my keyboard was on the ground next to me
my headset cord was pulling at my shirt and the headphones were around my neck
my leg was almost in the trash can
and the right arm rest of my chair busted clean off...
all i could do was lay there and laugh.
i laughed so hard i was crying
my co-workers asked if i was ok and tried to pick my sorry self up off the floor.
i continued to laugh and had to stifle myself through an incoming call.
the crash made such a loud noise my supervisor heard it from across the call center while he was in the boss's office.
i'm still laughing...
i haven't fallen out of a chair since i was in jr high...
epic storesonline chair fail...


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

leaps and bounds...

wow, so i'm a bum and i never blog... i've got some down time at the workplace so i figure, why not update the world on my wonderful, crazy, off-the-wall life.

since january i've been living in the mormon mecca...
that's right, orem, utah.
i've had a good run, love my roommates, love the people i work with, love being close to relations.
the start wasn't my favorite.
as many of you know i'm not a fan of freezing my butt off...
i like it where it is, thank you.
but i survived the winter.
the sun is loving me currently.
i'm a lovely shade of brown.
my roommates and sisters are jealous. (haha)
i recently took a trip to fargo, north dakota to visit a boy...
i seriously have never been on a better vacation.
the country was beautiful.
in the words of mr. fargo, himself:
i'll say that i agree one-hundred percent.
we spent a lot of time driving around seeing the sights.
yes it's flat and pretty boring as far as terrain goes, but the open fields and farms are awesome.
we took a few trips across the river into minnesota.
i got to stand in the hand of the giant paul bunyan statue.
we also went to itasca state park, which was AWESOME.
all in all it was a very awesome vacation and i can't wait to go back.
my plan is to go back in august for another visit...
anyway, since i got back i just haven't felt like utah is the place for me anymore.
so i'm going to move back to washington.
i dont have a definite date yet, but i'm sticking around utah for the summer and then going back in the fall.
i hope to go to school at BCC (or Bellevue College) or LWTech.
i'm not sure where i'll live or what i'll do for work, but i have a couple months to figure that out.
anyway... it just feels like the right thing for me to do right now.

hope you all have a wonderful week


Saturday, April 03, 2010

one word... epic

so this april fools will definitely be one for the books.
it was epic to say the least...

the prank: "congrats!"

so i moved to utah in january
a little over a month after my friend moved back down here from washington
everyone at work thought that the reason i was moving here was to follow him.
my store manager flat out asked me if that's why i was moving.
i told him no WAY!!
i also had people making bets on how long i would last SINGLE in OREM UTAH...
but in the spirit of feeding the gullible...
i borrowed a friend's engagement ring and took a picture of that particular friend kissing my cheek and holding my hand up...
i sent the picture to my store manager, my zone manager and a couple of my co-workers...
my store manager said "CONGRATS!!"
my zone manager said "WHAT?! i did NOT approve of this! is he good to you?!"
my friend said "kilay! no way!"
we all laughed and it was hilarious
until i tried to get the ring off...
it was stuck.
it went on JUST fine
which had me confused...
we tried EVERYthing to get it off...
i stood outside in the snow with my hand in the air...
nothing worked...
my friend was nervous to tell her husband what had happened
i was nervous that i was gunna lose my finger...
or have over $3000 dollars stuck on it forever...
we finally decided to let it sit over night and see if the swelling would go down.
my finger had puffed up and been rubbed raw from all the twisting and turning and maneuvering we did to try and get it off.
i continued to get text after text and call after call until 3am...
in the morning the swelling had gone down
but not enough to get the ring off
and it was now stuck to my finger in the places it was rubbed raw
i went to work and everyone thought at first that i had really gotten engaged on april fools day...
until i showed them my hand closer....
when they saw the swollen redness they laughed...
my supervisors busted up...
i left on my lunch break to go with my roommate to Jared's to see what they could do for me
the lady didnt know what to do so she asked the manager...
in the mean time, my roomie and i went around the corner and sat on the couch...
we heard him laugh before we saw him....
he came around the corner and asked to see it...
he was laughing hysterically....
he said it was the best thing he had seen in a long time.
he said he loved me and that he was glad i was laughing about it...
they cut the ring...
stuffed two sets of pliers under it and pulled it apart...
it cut my finger when i pulled it off..
my finger is still swollen, but not as bad...
the spots where it was rubbed raw are now scabbing over...
looks like the joke was on me.
my friend whose ring it was has insurance
so they cut it off and will put it back together for free.
i'm so glad we got it off my finger...
it's no longer swollen as bad as it WAS
and the raw spot are now scabbing...
oh well...
it was worth it.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

ping-pong = stupid

i used to be a big fan of ping pong.
i've had a lot of time to just sit and think today...
and i've decided that ping pong SUCKS.
especially when you play against a guy.
it's completely unfair.
they bring a new meaning to the phrase "being the ball"
let me elaborate.
there is no gray area when it comes to guys....
they're either on, or they're off...
in the immortal words of katy perry:
"you're hot then you're cold,
you're yes then you're no,
you're in then you're out,
you're up then you're down..."
i feel like i've got "a case of a love bi-polar"...
if you're into me, you're into me...
if you're not, you're not...
but it can't be "i'm into you yesterday...
but not today...
but maybe tomorrow."
it's just not fair....
not by any stretch of the imagination.
you can't have your cake and eat it too.
that's not how it works.
it's not fair to girls because that's just asking for a mental break down.
it's not fair to guys because they're potentially missing out on something that could have been great.
and this is why:
inevitably the girl will get tired and put her paddle down on the table and walk away.
i'm about to that point.
call me crazy, but i'm the type of girl that likes a straight answer.
whether it hurts or not.
tell me the truth!
i'd rather have the truth and be hurt right NOW
than to be dropped later and have it be from such a height that i can't recover.
and that is the voice of experience...
it's hard to recover gracefully when you've fallen face first over the edge.
sometimes i just think that it looks so hilarious that guys let us fall just to see how funny girls look when their face hits the pavement...
other times i think that girls over-think things and send themselves careening over the edge without thinking...
like my dad always says:
"it's not the fall that kills you...
its the quick stop at the bottom."
then there's the complete opposite situation...
when you've been told bluntly that this is not it,
but you go for it anyway...
these people are just gluttons for punishment.
if you put yourself in the situation
deal with it
if you're doing it to yourself,
i have no sympathy for you.
you have the power to change your situation.
so do it.
stop complaining.
i feel like this has been a very random rambling...
if you followed it, good for you.
if not... sorry.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

the cure for laryngitis: shut up!!

so... i'm home from work today with a bit of laryngitis plus a fever... i figured now is as good a time as any to blog!

this stupid sickness has been really interesting for me because i'm usually one of the loudest people on earth...
and being without a voice really sucks! i literally was whispering for 3 days straight because that's all the sound that would come out...
turns out that was a BAD idea because whispering is more harsh on the vocal chords than talking...
my boss, Dan, printed off a thing about laryngitis for me yesterday, plopped it down on my desk and said "we're gunna get you better!"
it was pretty funny.
i'd like to take this opportunity to point out that Shea was spot-on...
he was over on monday and said "ya know what the cure for your throat is?"
i said... well, whispered, "what's that?"
he said "shut up."
i laughed so hard!
but he was so right!
on the list of things on the print out Dan gave me the first thing is "avoid speaking"...
go figure.
so i didnt talk all day yesterday unless i absolutely HAD to and my voice is slowly returning.
the only bad thing is now other symptoms of laryngitis ar showing today...
i now have a fever...
on top of that all the coughing i've been doing has made it so that every time i cough it feels like someone is kicking me in the ribs.
and i cough so hard i almost hurl my guts out...
it's pretty much awful.
and THEN i sliced my finger open on a spatula yesterday...
i'm not having a very good week it seems...
well... not a very good week with my health that is...
i've been having a FANTASTIC week other than that!!
i am no longer wondering what the crap i'm doing in Utah...
i'm having the time of my life.
i love my roommates.
i love my friends.
i love my GIRLS!
i'm meeting people all the time and having a blast.
life is good.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

adventures in motion...

i rode to utah with a couple of my brother-in-law's friends in a truck with all my crap tarped and tied to the back in the bed. i was exhausted from singing my lungs out at karaoke the night before (or should i say morning) and running on about 6 hours of sleep for the last handful of days...
let me go back a few days...
the last week in washington was the most traumatic and sad week EVER.
bowling saturday night was a blast... got to see some old friends that i haven't seen for a long time and bowl till we dropped. GREAT FUN
there were a few goodbyes that were especially harder than others...
including a certain someone that i care very much about...
he came over to say goodbye and we decided we needed a caramel apple spice from starbucks.
we drove around talking about things like we always do and when it came time to head home the tears started flowing...
i sat in silence for most of the ride home...
when we pulled into the parking spot at my apartment i couldn't hold back anymore...
we got out of the car and i hugged him and held on for a long time. the whole time he kept saying "kiley, don't cry! please! dont cry!" and trying to get me to quit...
i said "i dont want you to go"
(he was SUPPOSED to be leaving the next morning...)
he hugged me again and held me there for a while until the sobbing subsided.
we were interrupted by a few raccoons messing around in the bushes...
dumb animals...
he's afraid of them... (haha)
he said to go inside before they attacked me (haha!) and he went to his car and opened the door and watched the raccoons a bit more before he got in and drove away...
i stood outside and watched until i couldn't see his car anymore
and then i went inside and completely lost it.
i'm pretty sure my roommate thought i was absolutely insane...
i decided to go to bed, which was awful because i cried myself to sleep...
(for the record, i haven't cried that hard in YEARS...)
i woke up the next morning with puffy eyes and a headache...
that day was my last day of work.
saying goodbye to people at work wasn't as hard as i thought it would be...
i did cry a little when people hugged me, but when it was time to clock out i was OUTA THERE!
i drove home from lowe's one last time.
the next day was spent packing up the rest of my junk and getting it ready to load in the truck.
we loaded it all up, tied it down and then i went and had dinner with my family.
dinner was GREAT! i love my family. they rock.
i went back to my apartment and got ready for my karaoke.
Mr. I'm Leaving in the Morning called me and was still in town so he came over to say goodbye one more time.
he showed up as i was finishing my hair for my karaoke going-away party.
i finished up and sat on his lap and we talked for a little while.
i told him i was sorry about my emotional episode and that i would restrain myself this time.
this goodbye was much better.
we kissed goodbye (mushy, i know, but it was sweet) and i walked him to the door...
i left seconds after he did because i was running late to my own party!
as i was driving toward the freeway i pulled up next to him and stuck my hand up on the window in the ASL symbol for "i love you"
he pointed at himself "me?"
i nodded.
he smiled.
i pulled ahead and he got behind me.
i started to cry.
had to stop myself though, because i just did my makeup!
i rushed to my parents, met up with r.e.l. and we were off.
we arrived and were the only ones there until my great friends joooody, jon-ay and aaron showed up!
we laughed and talked and i sang...
my songs:
before he cheats - carrie underwood
gunpowder and lead - miranda lambert
i sang at the top of my lungs and almost lost my voice so i kept coughing, but i did well according to my friends! (hopefully they're not just being nice)
at the end of the night i hugged everyone and said goodbye.
i went back to the apartment and crashed on the couch after packing up a few more things and changing my outfit to a more travel-friendly pair of leggings and a sweatshirt.
they picked me up about 3 hours later and we loaded up the last few things and hit the road...
well... almost.
we stopped by my parents house where mom and dad were waiting with a bag of food and hugs.
i said goodbye to them, tried not to cry, got in the truck and we drove off.
i slept for about half an hour and then started texting...
about an hour later i started to feel sick...
no good...
i'm one of those kids that gets car-sick if i'm not looking out the window...
i said "next rest-stop we gotta pull off... i don't feel too hott"
we were in the middle of the pass and it was snowing.
the next stop didn't come fast enough.
i had to get out and NOW.
we pulled off the side of the road and i almost didn't make it...
i had to put my hand over my mouth and wait for him to open my door and let me out.
i jumped from the truck and landed in the snow, wearing short leggings, flip-flops and a sweatshirt, and hurled my guts out on the side of the road.
the best part? the only thing i had eaten was a poppy seed muffin.
needless to say it made for some interesting designs in the snow...
so gross.
to make matters worse, while i was puking the driver thought he should check on the load.
turns out the tarp we had used to cover it all was torn to shreds.
soooo we pulled of at the next stop
(which happened to be about 100yards from where i was throwing up)
and purchased a new tarp and some Gatorade and crackers for me...
i laid in the back seat of the truck and called my parents to give them the update on the situation.
we finally got back on the road 2+ hours later...
i slept for most of the rest of the trip.
we finally pulled into town at 2am.
we arrived at the house and started unloading the truck.
oh, did i mention that as we pulled in it was only 4 degrees outside?!
single digit.
we finally got everything inside and my bed (more or less) set up, which is all i really cared about and i crashed...
i'm pretty sure i slept most of the day...
my best friend came over and we started unloading a few things.
since then i've decorated and re-decorated, arranged and re-arranged a few times.
i'm loving it.
my girls are AWESOME!! i love them so much!!
we have such a good time together!!
i hope you've enjoyed my traveling adventure...
until next time.


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

and so begins two-thousand-ten...

so it's been QUITE a while since i blogged last... and a LOT has happened since that last blog...

i no longer live in washington, although it will always be my home, i currently reside in orem utah... crazy huh??

i live with three girls in a house in north orem and i'm loving it! it's an awesome house! i have the master bedroom with my own bathroom and a huge closet, so i'm not complaining!

this is me and my lovely ladies! lacey and katelyn!

i work as an agent for a company called StoresOnline, which is the same place that two of my three roommates work. i answer phones and schedule conferences for people all over the united states. in fact i'd love to share an adventure with you!

i totally got hit on over the phone... here's how the call went...

"thank you for calling conference registration, my name is kiley, are you calling to secure seats for an upcoming comference?"

"yeah i got this thing in the mail..."

"ok, which day and time would you like to attend the conference?"

"well... the only time i'm seeing here is on a tuesday... unfortunately i wont be able to attend that one because i'm a workin' man... i work monday through friday, i'm a lineman..."

"like... a football lineman?"

"no... i put up power lines"

"which type of lineman do you prefer?"

"uh... either one i guess?"

"ah! well miss kiley, are you going to be at this conference i'm going to miss?"

"uh... no, i'm just in the call center..."

"oh... well when is the next conference?"

"they usually come around every six to eight months..."

"oh... well... are you going to be at that one?"

"um... actually i'm not even in the same state as the conference you would attend..."

"well... i travel..."

"*hahaha!* uh... well... um..."

"if you're not going to be at the conference how am i supposed to get a date with you?"

"um... i... dont know..."

"hmm... well, then i hope i meet a girl at ta conference sometime that has as sweet of a voice as you do."

"well thank you..."

"you're sure welcome, miss. you have a good day now... hope i get to talk to you again"

"*haha* you too... have a great day"

"i will now"

i was seriously busting up by the end of the call... i was trying to keep it professional the whole time, it was awkward, but it was so priceless!! i get hit on all the time... apparently i have a good phone voice or something...

anyway... i'm going to make a concerted effort to blog more often... i forgot how much i like sharing my crazy stories! it's gunna be a good year!!