Wednesday, February 03, 2010

and so begins two-thousand-ten...

so it's been QUITE a while since i blogged last... and a LOT has happened since that last blog...

i no longer live in washington, although it will always be my home, i currently reside in orem utah... crazy huh??

i live with three girls in a house in north orem and i'm loving it! it's an awesome house! i have the master bedroom with my own bathroom and a huge closet, so i'm not complaining!

this is me and my lovely ladies! lacey and katelyn!

i work as an agent for a company called StoresOnline, which is the same place that two of my three roommates work. i answer phones and schedule conferences for people all over the united states. in fact i'd love to share an adventure with you!

i totally got hit on over the phone... here's how the call went...

"thank you for calling conference registration, my name is kiley, are you calling to secure seats for an upcoming comference?"

"yeah i got this thing in the mail..."

"ok, which day and time would you like to attend the conference?"

"well... the only time i'm seeing here is on a tuesday... unfortunately i wont be able to attend that one because i'm a workin' man... i work monday through friday, i'm a lineman..."

"like... a football lineman?"

"no... i put up power lines"

"which type of lineman do you prefer?"

"uh... either one i guess?"

"ah! well miss kiley, are you going to be at this conference i'm going to miss?"

"uh... no, i'm just in the call center..."

"oh... well when is the next conference?"

"they usually come around every six to eight months..."

"oh... well... are you going to be at that one?"

"um... actually i'm not even in the same state as the conference you would attend..."

"well... i travel..."

"*hahaha!* uh... well... um..."

"if you're not going to be at the conference how am i supposed to get a date with you?"

"um... i... dont know..."

"hmm... well, then i hope i meet a girl at ta conference sometime that has as sweet of a voice as you do."

"well thank you..."

"you're sure welcome, miss. you have a good day now... hope i get to talk to you again"

"*haha* you too... have a great day"

"i will now"

i was seriously busting up by the end of the call... i was trying to keep it professional the whole time, it was awkward, but it was so priceless!! i get hit on all the time... apparently i have a good phone voice or something...

anyway... i'm going to make a concerted effort to blog more often... i forgot how much i like sharing my crazy stories! it's gunna be a good year!!



Lacey Lou said...

I don't think that story will EVER get old! ha ha ha ha

emily said...

beware of strange men ... on the phone