Friday, July 11, 2008

co-ed softball... a laughing matter...

so i've been recruited to the F9ers co-ed softball team...
sadly i've only been able to go to 1 practice due to, well... strep/mono and other things that have been getting in the way lately.
anyway, last night was our first game.
what i didn't know about these games is that they're by TIME not by INNING... we get 1 hour to play a game, then 1 hour to play another game against the same team... if we each win one it's a tie. if one team wins both, obviously they win.
i played left-center field last night... first time i've played softball in 4 years... so i was a little rusty... i missed a catch that any other day i would have caught... stupid me, i didn't wear my glasses the first inning... needless to say i was pissed and wore them the rest of the game.
i did however get a couple singles and i stole home in the first game.
the whole time i was standing out in left-center i was making my own commentary on the game... well... kinda. more like i was making fun of people out loud, but no one else could hear me... so i laughed at my own jokes... gotta love the easily amused.
there was this one guy on the other team that was giving pointers to the pitcher... saying things like "don't be afraid to throw it a little further..." cuz she wasn't quite getting it over the plate... and she would just say "ok, yeah, thanks...." and continue on. well, next inning they switched and he was the pitcher... and he SUCKED!! HA-larious. this same guy also hit a pop RIGHT to our left fielder... after telling his team to keep it low, keep it down... blah blah... wow... so for the rest of the game he was nic-named "the cocky one".
anyway... it was a GREAT game... we beat the CRAP out of them first game, and then came from behind and tied it up in the second game. woo hoo!! :)
GO F9ERS!!! hahaha!!
wish us luck for the rest of the season!


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