Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hilarity in the work place

so here i sit, taking calls like i do every day.
i have my feet propped up on my desk like so:
i sit like this every day.
i've been having a less than fantastic day today...
it's a long story, i'm not going to get into it.
i have my keyboard in my lap and my headset clipped to my shirt.
just relaxing, trying to focus on something besides my hatred of stupid people.
all of a sudden i moved slightly and felt gravity pulling me in a direction i didn't necessarily want to go...
i grabbed my half-a-cubicle partition in hopes that i could save myself.
i failed.
before i could blink i was on my back.
my keyboard was on the ground next to me
my headset cord was pulling at my shirt and the headphones were around my neck
my leg was almost in the trash can
and the right arm rest of my chair busted clean off...
all i could do was lay there and laugh.
i laughed so hard i was crying
my co-workers asked if i was ok and tried to pick my sorry self up off the floor.
i continued to laugh and had to stifle myself through an incoming call.
the crash made such a loud noise my supervisor heard it from across the call center while he was in the boss's office.
i'm still laughing...
i haven't fallen out of a chair since i was in jr high...
epic storesonline chair fail...