Thursday, June 26, 2008

failure to blog...

i'd like to apologize for my lack of blogging lately...
it has been a little less than ordinary for me this past bit...
all in one month i completely turned my life around.
i started a new, full-time job, i moved out of my parent's lovely abode, i started working out more consistently and eating right for the first time in YEARS, and all in a weekend, became as independent as i've ever been.
woo hoo!
my head has been in 100 different places all at once.
i don't think i've slept a full 8 hours a night more than twice or maybe 3 times.
i've been working out more and kicking my own butt.
i've been eating a bunch of healthy crap.
i've made new friends, and strengthened my existing friendships.
AND... i look Mexican.
i can't tell you how much i absolutely LOVE taking a 12 minute nap and waking up 3 shades darker... it's the best.
my mom keeps saying i'm gunna look like a leather purse...
i'd like to take this opportunity to give a little public shout out to all those people that made this life transformation possible.
first of all: my family.
i have to admit i was a little upset when everything for my move started falling apart at the last minute, but you all came through for me in the end.
Mom and Dad... i love you. and i know i don't say it enough, but i miss and love you both very much. what'dya say? Sunday? dinner at your place? done.
lerd... thanks for the support-from-afar. i know if you were here you'd be all over helping me out in any way you could. it's the thought that counts. i love you!!
em... thanks for everything. the use of your van, the vote of confidence, the ha-rah! when i finally got out... i was so happy and overwhelmed that i cried when you left. the secret is out... i totally did.
mole... thanks for being here and helping toss stuff in my window... you too 'fer!! i love you guys!!
crint... thanks for the laughs! every time i get a text from you i bust up. sorry i don't always reply... life's been a bit busy. i'll try to do better and be around a little more. i know it wasn't exactly cool of me to just leave you alone with the parental unit... my bad ;) haha!!
and now a shout out to my wonderful roommates.
thank you for all you have done. i don't think i could have moved into a better apartment with better people. i'm pretty sure that this is the greatest experience of my life. yeah, the lack of sleep has gotten to me at times, but it's pretty worth it just to be with you guys. i love waking up in the morning knowing that all i have to do is open my door and there you are!!!
i'm gunna have to agree with you poll's... it's like having the longest slumber party EVER... every night is a party!
CAN life get any better? i submit that it CANNOT!!
and i LOVE that you write all the silly things i say on sticky notes so that i'm always reminded of the funny times and happiness that i've felt since June 13th. every time i get something out of the fridge i crack up just reading what i've said...
and for the record, i'm still freakin jealous of the dang computer.
ems. your face. it's so big. apple?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
shh! Lewis is gunna kill us. i need to teach myself how to laugh a little quieter...
HA! who am i kidding?
Last but not least, Banana... my pseudo-roommate. girl. thanks for stayin with me. i know i haven't been exactly the greatest for the past month, but i'm glad that you understand me and know that i love you no matter what. and even though my life has been turned up-side-down i'll find my groove and get back to normal... one of these days. ;)
you're beautiful.
it's almost midnight... i think i'll go have another FIBER ONE!!!! and head to bed now...
hope you all didn't miss me too much!!



Jennalee said...

lovely to see you back...and glad to hear you are well...don't forget to read can do it while you work out :) Mosiah is AWESOME!

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