Thursday, October 09, 2008

don't ya just love people?

i get this call the other day at work....this lady wants to know if we have dowels that you would use to put in a window to stop it from being opened... i said yes... she asked if they could be cut to size... i said yes... THEN she asked me "if i wanted them cut to certain lengths could i just order that and then pick them up within the hour?"
does this look like a drive-through lady??
i mean really??
of course i can't just tell her no... i could get in trouble for that...
so i told her i'd cut them and have them up at customer service for her to pick up.
i cut them and walked up to customer service and set them on the counter...
the head cashier looks at the dowels, looks at me, and asks "what are these?"
i said "there's a lady that's coming to pick them up within the hour... they're not paid for... she called and asked if i'd cut them and have them ready to pick up..."
he says "uh... ok... that's interesting... i didn't know we had a drive-through..."
AH! my thoughts exactly...
lazy bellevue people...


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emily said...

great minds think alike ... then there's yours ;) too funny!