Wednesday, December 17, 2008


7 + 8 things you never knew you wanted to know about me...

7 quirks ... this oughta be good!

1. i don't do mornings. not the same way my mom doesn't do mornings (to her there's no oxygen that early) no... for me if i'm awake before 9ish i'm cranky, i'm rude, i refuse to open my eyes until i've adjusted to whatever light there is, i don't talk and i don't smile. 5:30 in the morning it too butt-crack early for this girl... i will agree with my mother on one part of this though... there's no such thing as 5:30 in the morning.... there's only a 5:30 in the evening and a 5:30 in the middle of the night...

2. i HATE when my food touches on my plate... yes, the things that are SUPPOSED to touch do, but i can't stand it when the different dishes mix and mingle on my plate... gross. my dad thinks i'm ridiculous and says "it's all going to the same place" yeah well... it doesn't have to START that way. (that coming from the man who doesn't like too many different "tastes" in his mouth at the same time...) i LOVE those plates with the little dividers in them...

3. i sing. and quite well if i do say so myself. most people say that i've been blessed with my mother's voice, but i wouldn't go THAT far... hers is FAR superior to mine... but someday i hope to be as good as her. i sing in the shower, i sing in the car, i sing while i'm drying my hair and getting ready for the day, i sing in church... i always wonder if i sing in my sleep... hmm...

4. i have an AWFUL memory... which is why people hear the same stories over and over and over again... i forget who i've told things to and who i haven't... (today i told my friend Mike the same story 3 times... and he was THERE when the actual event happened that i was relating... yeah it's bad) but in the same breath, i can quote any movie, even if i've only seen it once. how does that work?

5. despite my obvious disdain for married people and their stupid married-people-club i actually DO want to get married... some day... i've picked out my engagement and wedding ring just like every girl does and i'm guilty of picking out things i want at my reception... see... kiley can be sappy and sentimental and mushy too!! i think it'd be fun and interesting. mostly because i'm pretty sure that even though i'm slightly O.C.D. about my space (mainly the kitchen) and i love doing dishes and laundry and watching football i'm really hard to live with...

6. i LOVE old music... my dad's music to be specific... yes i love new music too, but Creame, Boston, The Doors, Aerosmith, The Who and countless others will always have a special place in my heart. my dad sings along with almost EVERY word of whatever song comes on the radio and he'll even do a little air-guitar with his tongue out the side of his mouth and his eyebrows furled... it's quite entertaining... GREAT music.

7. for as long as i can remember, one of my many nicknames has been "Miss Dramatic" (or if you would have asked me when i was younger "Mister-Matic") hard to believe i know. i'm loud most of the time, laughing so hard i'm crying most of the time and having full-on conversations with my siblings in "movie-quote" (i think it should be a national language... then i'd be bi-lingual) everything that happens to me is fantastical and just begging to be relived via story-telling. but the weird thing about this quirk is that despite my glaring need to be the center of attention, i freeze if i'm in front of a large group of people... i can't perform on stage... it scares the CRAP out of me. hmm... haven't been able to figure this one out yet, maybe some day i'll get over that fear.

are you still with me?? here we go ...
the crazy 8's ...

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch:
1. CSI
2. CSI: Miami
3. CSI: NY
4. Criminal Minds
5. Without a Trace
6. Cold Case
7. Family Guy
8. Weeds

8 Places I Love to Eat:
1. Taco Del Mar
2. Red Robin
3. Burger King
4. Taco Bell (or Taco Hell)
5. Woody's
6. mom's house
7. Spud's
8. anywhere that's free... (free food always tastes better)

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1. i worked at 5:30 and didn't get off until after 3pm
2. i tripped over my own pant-leg and almost slammed my face into a door
3. i almost froze to death while waiting for the bus
4. i blogged for the first time in a month!
5. i picked out a couple songs to sing on Sunday in Sacrament Meeting
6. i got information about the apartment complex i'm gunna try and live in when i get to Utah (thanks eektially)
7. i went to Fred Meyer with my best friend wearing a ridiculously fantastic hat my dad got from Peru that attracted some of the most awesome facial-reactions ever
8. went on a little drive with o'bee...

8 Things I Love about Fall:
1. shorter days... less light... more time for sleeping
2. Thanksgiving... Food, Football, Family
3. Christmas explodes on my parent's house (yes ON, not at)
4. i second emily's thing: long sleeve shirts and scarfs
5. Christmas music everywhere you go
6. my dad dressing up for Santa gigs... oh yeah, he's an AWESOME Santa's Helper
(for the last 2 i'm gunna put things i absolutely LOATH about Fall)
7. being cold...
8. people freaking out about a little dust of snow... it's like they all of a sudden forget how to drive...

8 Things on My Wish List:
1. these shoes:2. this movie:3. cute little things-to-put-things-in (or a gift card to The Container Store)
4. the wallet i picked out at Fred Meyer
5. one or two 8GB memory sticks/cards
6. a new(er) Dell Lap Top
7. a queen size mattress...
8. sheets for a queen size mattress...

8 People I am Tagging:
almost everyone i would have tagged has already been tagged or has already filled this thing out... so i'm just gunna tag Emma and Spat... love you two!

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