Wednesday, June 04, 2008

everything's going my way...

i don't think that my life could be any better right now than it already it, but give it about a day... and it'll be EVEN BETTER!!!
at the rate i'm going, i should be playing the lottery! i might just win!!
so, yeah, after the fight with the parentals i decided it was time... i'm 22 and still living in my parents basement... yeah, that's gotta change!! so i was thinking about moving out...
"hmm... i wonder if anyone would wanna move into an apartment with me..."
*text message from my girl*
"hey! you wouldn't happen to be wanting to move out any time soon would you?"
"actually, yeah... i've wanted to move out since i got home from school..."
so i did, we ended up chatting for a good hour or so...
turns out her sister is moving up from Utah in a couple weeks and the two of them and another girl were gunna move into an apartment, but the other girl decided to bail on them... so they were looking for another roommate...
she said her first instinct was to look through her phone, but then she thought that would be lame, so she CraigsListed for roommates and came up with a whole-lota-nothin... so then she went looking through her phone and the first name that popped out at her was ME!! Kiley Girl! :) hahaha!! so she decided to take a chance, and ask!
all i had to do was apply to the complex, tell them who i was gunna be living with, give a reference (my parents) and wait for an approval...
literally about half an hour ago...
tomorrow we go to check out the apartment during lunch
move in date is next Thursday or Friday of next week (the 12th or 13th)
i'm pretty freaking excited! it's hard for me to focus on work right now... hahaha!! this next week is going to be absolutely incredible!!

6/5/08- check out apt. (sign lease)
6/6/08- payday at WISM
6/7/08- go out and kick it with the sister in P.O.
6/12 or 6/13- get the keys to the apt. and move in
6/13/08- last day at WISM (they decided to give me sat. off)
6/15/08- payday at PCWA
6/16/08- first FULL day at PCWA

AHH!!! i'm so excited!!
wish me luck! i hope i really like this place!!



emily said...

congrats! it's about dang time! let us know if you need help!

kiley said...

fo' sho'! i'll need all the help i can get! :) as far as moving my stuff, i think we've got it covered, (thank heaven for Home Teachers) and the decorating of my room is being handled by Banana... she was way excited to do it, so i'm not gunna take that away from her ;) (love ya girly)
i would LOVE any suggestions, help, any furnature you don't need... hahahaha!!
anyway... thanks for the offer! i'll take ya up on it!! :)
love ya!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

yes!! living on your own (well with roomates, not at the parents house) is gonna be amazing!! congrats! where is your new apartment?