Thursday, July 10, 2008

junior? JUNIOR?!

Once upon a time, Big Kev, a friend of Little Ems, came over and brought his VCR (or "VHS player", as i like to call it... shut up Ross...) and the Indiana Jones trilogy... while watching them, the Last Crusade to be precise, i happened to look up in the corner of our vaulted ceiling and i saw this huge moth... Little Ems says "he's been there forever! he needs a name" Polls says "lets call him Indiana Jones Junior" i said "just Junior... (polls: why?) 'Junior' is what his dad called him... his name isn't Indiana Jones, he wanted to be called Indiana but... 'we named the DOG Indiana'..." so we started calling this moth Junior.
one day i came home and i was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden, mid conversation with i can't remember who, i stopped, looked up, almost giving myself whip-lash and he was gone. "JUNIOR?! JUNIOR?!! NOOOO!!!! JUNIOR'S GONE!!" i was distraught. i couldn't find him on the ceiling, the walls, the nooks, ANYwhere!! he was gone.
i found out today that my Ukrainian friend, Vanya, had captured my Junior, and set him free!!
*sigh* no more junior.


Anonymous said...

Moths ? sounds like a s-l-o-w day Kiley.Sounds like you have strep and/or mono,go to the doctor,they'll hook you up to an iv to drain you out and probably prescribe Keflex for you (an antibiotic)it will get rid of the problem in a day or two.

kiley said...

...we like our moth...and i feel much better now...who needs a doctor?! haha ;)
mono? the kissing disease? haha, that would seem appropriate... ;)
anyway... who are you anonymous??