Tuesday, March 25, 2008

chaos and pillows...

my singles ward has an annual Cabin Overnight trip up to a cabin in Alpental. it's always a good time, well, every time i've gone i've had a blast! this year was awesome too!! i rode up with a friend, it was kinda an awkward start to the weekend... we chatted for about the first 5 or 10 minutes... and then he turned on the music and we drove the rest of the 40 minute drive in silence... he didn't say another word to me until we arrived at the cabin... can you say awkward turtle?! yeah...
anyway, so we finally made it there and walked in... the first thing i spotted was the most beautiful pair of DC shoes i've ever seen in my life... i knew instantly whose they were. and is he good looking?! yes. yes indeed. i dropped off my things at the bottom of the stairs and said hello to friends (including Mr. DC's and Mr. AreYouMarriedYet) and made my way around the room. i played cards with a new guy, a new guy i didn't know... (that was for you Stink) he showed me this game called "Egyptian Rat Screw"... which i forgot the name of and ended up calling "Rat Race"... and i lost horribly multiple times... i also lost to Mr. AwkwardTurtle... (his aliases include: Mr. ICantLose and Mr. ITendToHaveABadAttitude...) he promptly left after he beat me. how typical!
anyway, then we played this other game... totally fun. it's played with a brown paper bag, one you would get at a grocery store, you stand in a circle and each person has a chance to pick up the bag with their mouth without touching the bag or the ground with their hands. you can only touch the ground with your feet, no kneeling, no leaning on your hands, no nothing. the trick is, after each person has had a chance, you take the bag and cut off the first 1 or 2 inches and then everyone tries again. you keep cutting off the top until there's only the bottom of the bag left... whoever makes it to the end (each person only gets 2 chances per-round) wins!!
for the record, i was one of 3 people that won. we even went a step further and put a plain sheet of paper on the ground and i still got it!! go me. haha!
(that's me... boo yuh! i think i pulled something)
the next game i played is a... well, somewhat violent game... it's a 2 person game, the opponents stand face to face, a foot or 2 apart with their hands up. basically you "high-5" and try and knock the other person over, or take a step. you can dodge out of the way, or push back or whatever it takes as long as you get the other person to step or fall. i was knocked on my butt a bunch of times by multiple opponents. go me. haha!!
we took a break from that game and played Spoons... also a dangerous game... i fell off the bench i was sitting on. but i got a spoon and that was all that mattered at the time!
it started getting late and people started doing other things, Fooseball, cards, chatting, luke-warm "hot tub" dip... whatever. a couple girls went upstairs and decided they would get some rest... a few of the guys decided that going to sleep before 3am was unacceptable... so they found pillows and attacked!! apparently they got it all on video, but i haven't seen it...
later i ended up playing the "high-5" game with Mr. DCs until 3am when our leader (who also rocked every one's socks off at the paper bag game, go him.) said that we should say "family prayers" and that everyone should try and get some sleep. after prayers we decided best-out-of-3 would end it so we could go to bed. we ended up playing for another 20 minutes or so, it started off alright, he missed my hands and pretty much karate-chopped me in the neck with his thumb and the heel of his hand... OUCH!! i fell to the ground and grabbed my neck, he was nice about it though, he said we wouldn't count that one... i ended up losing anyway. but i stole his shoes to get him back. (unfortunately i had to give them back to him...)
i didn't sleep well, mostly because i wasn't tired, but on top of that it was too dang quiet there... no fans, no one close enough to hear them breathing, nobody talking... no nothing. it took me forever to fall asleep and then they started cooking dinner at like... 5, which woke me up with the smell, the chopping... good grief... i finally got out of bed and brushed my teeth, put some clothes on, grabbed my blanket and went downstairs and sat on the couch next to (more like on top of) Mr. AreYouMarriedYet... people slowly started waking up and filling the room... we ate, watched a couple guys throw each other around and show how "manly" they were and then people started packing up, cleaning up, and leaving.
i realized that i didn't have a ride home because Mr. AwkwardTurtle had left the night before. i asked a couple girl friends if i could bum a ride... no dice... no room...
Mr. DCs wanders by and is headed out... he lives near by and so i asked him if i could tag along... he says he was planning on going straight to work, but that he wouldn't mind going a few minutes out of the way to drop me off... so i loaded my things into his car... noticed there were 2 skateboards in the trunk... NICE!
"you bring toys, AND toys to share!"
"well yeah!"
and we drove off. we made small talk for a few minutes and then he asked what kind of music i like and ended up turning on Linkin Park... instant ice-breaker... i love Linkin Park!! but at the same time i'm thinking "oh great, another 40 minute awkward drive..." but about 20 seconds into the song he turns it down...
"so... i don't know anything about you..."
"oh? well, what do you wanna know?"
"where did you grow up, what's your family like..."
so we basically ended up telling each other our Reader's Digest version of our life stories on the drive home! it was great. yay for someone that actually talks!!
anyway... so i came home, crashed for a couple hours, posted a bunch of pictures (like the one of me playing the paper bag game) and then ended up going over to a friend's house and playing this AWESOME game with cards and energy drinks... i lost, sadly, and on the way home i almost peed my pants. i kid you not. i was in so much pain!! i almost exploded... and to top it off, our house is currently under construction, so not only did i almost burst in the car, i had to run inside, up the stairs, down the hall and into the main bathroom before i got my release!! *ugh*
anyway... that was my weekend... it was a blast!!


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