Saturday, March 29, 2008

why do i attract all the crazy people?

so... i went out to dinner with Mr. SingleForLife tonight...
first off, holy slow texter... it took about an hour to get out the complete conversation ("you wanna go out?" "sure" "k, i'll pick you up in an hour") over text messaging... for the love.
we enjoyed fine dinning at Azteca... he had a coupon... our waiter asked us what we would like to drink, he wanted coke, they had Pepsi... he was notably disappointed... so he went with a root beer instead. we had to have our waiter come back about 6 times before we (and by "we" i mean he) were ready to order.
explanation: he wanted to get the special, because the display looked "tasty" but then started reading the fine print on the back of the coupon which indicated that "this offer not valid with any other offers or discounts" so he was concerned that if he got the special, that was discounted, he wouldn't get his coupon validated or, the other option: i wouldn't be eating tonight.
moving right along... we finally got our food and had sparkling conversation about broken bones, cutting off fingers, and how brutal life is in general... and then had to wait for our waiter to come pick up our check after it had been sitting there for a good 20 minutes after he initially dropped it off.
he drove me home, all the while still chatting about nothing that had to do with anything at all... we pulled into my driveway and continued talking for almost an hour in the car, before my mom arrived home... as she pulled in behind us i said "i wonder who is pulling in my drive way" to which he replied "well, i hope it's someone that lives here" (anyone that's been to my house knows that you can't "accidentally" drive down my driveway...) i kinda half-sympathy-laughed and said "i think it's my mom, which means you're gunna have to move the car 'cause you're in her spot"
here comes the best part.
he turns to me and says "uh... you're still in the car..."
no joke, those were the exact words that came out of his mouth...
all i could say was "well, i guess i'll go then..." and he said, with a bit of confusion in his voice, "well, did you want me to back up with you in the car?" i said "uh... i don't care, but whatever" and i got out of the car.
i thanked him for dinner and politely suggested that i'd see him later, but in my head i'm thinking "uh, never again..."
i waved and then waited at the door for my mom... i couldn't wait to tell her what had just happened... i'm glad to say that she got about as much of a kick out of this experience as i did...
her words: "well, there's a reason some people are still in the Singles Ward..."
my sentiments exactly...


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