Sunday, March 16, 2008

it's my party and i'll dance if i want to!

yesterday was my birthday! yay twenty-two! the day BEFORE yesterday there was a party for a "group birthday celebration" which i was part of... it was quite fun. i danced til i was all sweaty (i know, gross) and i thought i was going to pass out... my friends were there, love them to death, we had a blastie-blast! haha!

then i had to work on my birthday morning, which isn't exactly my idea of fun, considering that i'm definitely NOT a morning person. but i got through the five hours i had to be there alive and we're good. then i went home, took a three hour, much needed, nap. (side note: if i were president i'd instate a Nation Nap Time every day, about 1:00ish. i think everyone would be happier and less prone to commit crime if they just got a little more sleep.)

after my nap i took a shower and proceeded to take almost two and a half hours getting ready to go to the Gold and Green Ball in Seattle at the University of Washington "HUB" (Husky Union Building). my friend from out of town came and helped me finish gettin ready to go, what a doll she is! she was in town JUST at the right time to help me have a BLAST for my birthday. as you can see in my picture i went all out with the green. i had shamrock tattoos on my cheeks, a "Kiss Me I'm IRISH" tattoo on my chest, green eyeshadow, a green dress, green beads, a shamrock necklace, and a little green garter around my leg... fun times! i even bought crazy HUGE fake jewelery that was green including earrings, a bracelet and a ring.
so we drove to Seattle, took us about twenty minutes to find the dang HUB. when we finally found it we had to park forever away and then walk up, no joke, the longest flippin stairs i've ever been up in my life. i was a little less chipper by the time we got to the top. we went inside and, i kid you not, Napoleon Dynamite re-visited... i felt like i was sixteen again at a Stake Dance... AHH!! we hung around for about fifteen minutes and then decided that i needed to have a little more excitement for my birthday and ended up going over to a place called Jillian's, also in Seattle, and played pool and got hit on my pretty much every guy in the place... good times!
by the end of the night, my feet were KILLING ME, my legs were tired and shaking from all the walking and standing and dancing and whatever... so needless to day, i came home and fell right to sleep.
all in all it was a good birthday. while i was at work my sister, nieces and nephews called and sang Happy Birthday to me and my other sister called me three times and texted me sporadically throughout the day to wish me happy birthday... i guess once wasn't enough, gotta love 'er!
thanks to everyone that made my birthday AWESOME!! and thanks for all the texts and facebook-wall-posts and myspace-comments and everything! you're the greatest!


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