Friday, March 28, 2008

that's just foul...

could today get any worse?!
i think not.
i'm still sick. when i got up everyone needed to take a shower at the same time... there's still only one shower that's usable... so i decided to go to work and shower there instead.
well, i got to work and was informed that there was no showers, no water, no pressure at all because they were working on the plumbing upstairs and that it was leaking into the women's' locker room again.
no shower. whatever, i can go without today... i'll just wash my face in the dribble of cold water still coming out of the tap, put makeup on and throw my hair up in a bun and some bobby-pins. cake.
then i realized that i forgot socks. i hate wearing shoes with no socks... it's where stinky feet and shoes come from.
so i asked my brother to bring me some socks because he and my mom and dad would be coming this way so my parents could go to my dad's appointment and have surgery on his other knee today and they were gunna drop my brother off to get the car from me...
no biggy right? so he said yeah, he'd bring them and i asked him to bring me a hair thing too...
an hour later he shows up...
holding his hands in front of his chest in the shape of a heart he says "don't hate me... i forgot your socks and hair thing" and tosses a tiny rubber band at me...
any of you that have hair that requires a hair thing now and then know that if you put a rubber band in it, you basically rip out all the hair it touches when you try and take it out again.
i asked him to go back and get my socks please... so he left.
5 minutes later my mom calls my work...
"is it worth $3.50 a gallon for him to go all the way home (a 4 minute drive) to get your socks?"
"uh... i put $20 in there on my way to work, it's not gunna take him all of that to get home and back...if it does, he's going to California"
"i'm just asking if it's worth it to you to spend three dollars and fifty cents a gallon for him to go get your socks."
"yes, mom, i don't like wearing shoes without socks, my feet get sweaty and then it makes my feet and shoes stink."
"ok, i'm just asking if it's worth it to you. you cant live for a few hours without socks?"
*thinking to myself 'thanks... you just made my job sound pointless'*
"forget it. just forget it, i'll just have to 'live without' for today."
and i hung up.
so here i am, sock-less, shower-less, sleep-less because all night i couldn't breathe, hungry because i forgot lunch, and then... i got propositioned by a 60-year-old man...
he asked if the showers were working yet and i said only the cold water... he says "oh, then you'll have to take a shower with me then..."
i said "not on your life!!" (in the nicest voice possible of course... HA! no way.)
he says "best offer you've got all day i'll bet"
"no... actually not." i lied
"oh! well then i'll have to hear about the other so i can see if i can top it"
i laughed... sympathy/uneasy laugh... totally grossed out...
continuing with my lie i said "well, first of all, he's not old enough to be my dad..."
he says "i'm older than your dad i think"
"how old are you?"
"ok, he's not old enough to be my GRAMPA..."
and he decided to walk away at that point...
when he walked away i turned to my co-worker and just looked at her like "WHAT THE?!"
that's just foul...
i wanna go home.


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