Tuesday, May 27, 2008

*ahh* a fresh start...

this past week/weekend has been a bit too crazy for me.
i'm trying to remember a lot of information from starting my new job Friday.
my family's a crazy bunch, as usual.
and life in general has just been...
but having this 3-day-holiday-weekend has also been a great opportunity, because it has given me a chance to un-lax a little and put a little perspective on my life.
not having to work Monday was a blessing in disguise.
i thought it would totally throw me off and make this week really hard to manage, but i was SO wrong...
i woke up at 8 to cloudy skies and decided that was unacceptable, so i went back to sleep until noon.
i took my sweet time taking a shower, drying and straightening my hair, and getting ready for the day (that was already half over) and then did a little therapeutic shopping with Banana (she's the greatest).
we went to a BBQ and then spent some time on the swings, the big toy, and wading through shin-deep water, went to visit a friend, and then called it an early night and went home to bed.
i woke up this morning at 5 without whining and complaining, and the day is only getting better and better!!
i can honestly say that i LOVE my new job! the people are incredible! the environment is fantastic! i just love it. i can't wait to go tomorrow.
how many people do you know that can say that and not be lying?!
i've also been consistently working out for the past little while, and going tanning to take the edge off and it's working out quite nicely. i'm looking more and more Mexican every day, and i'm happier.
my sister had to kinda kick me in the butt and get me to just drop a few things, like the bad-habits they were, and stop wasting my energy on them, but now that i've successfully moved on i'm feeling GREAT!!
gotta love a fresh start...
anyway... i'm gunna continue my fantastic week...
hope everyone is having a GREAT day! :)


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