Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TAG!! i'm it...

yup, i tagged myself, but i made a few changes so it's not just a repeat...

What were you doing a decade ago?
wow... i was 12... so i was probably trying to not be so awkward during my awkward-stage (that lasted about... 8 years...) and playing flag football at recess with the boys. this was the summer i broke it off with my elementary-boyfriend because we were so mature now and needed to move on... (hahaha! yeah right)

4 Things on my semi-long-term to-do list:
1) pay off my student loans
2) pay off my credit cards... and then cut them up :)
3) get a house to put all my kitchen stuff in ;)
4) be happy... consistently... in all aspects of my life

4 Places that I would like to visit:
1) Vegas, preferably the set of CSI to meet the cast (yeah yeah... lea'me alone)
2) Hawaii
3) all those countries on the other side of the Atlantic that you always see pictures of...
4) Mexico

4 Co-Workers that I will never forget, and why:
1) Jim - the man that taught me everything i know about the plumbing department (not to mention the reason i even decided to transfer out of cashiering) and about life in general. i am his favorite Semi-Italian Plumbing Princess and student. he is a great man and deserves the best of everything. i'm SURE he's making quite the amazing angel. miss you lots Jim!! :) i don't know where i'd be if i had never met you! give 'em hell!
2) Brad - he's the only manager that i still care to know... :) he's the coolest, most laid-back, AWESOME boss i've ever had. i miss working for him very much! i go and visit him every chance i get, and text him when i get bored (sorry Brat-ley... i still don't have pictures... i'm working on it...) oh, and he gives me and my family members a good deal on anything we want... just cuz he rocks like that. gotta love it!
3) Mikey - the biggest, most muscly associate ever to work in the plumbing department... when he was applying, we had a bet going on where he would be working... (aaaaand i almost tripped over my jaw that dropped to the floor the first time i saw him... crap) my guess was Lumber, Lex guessed Hardware/Tools... we were both wrong. they put him with us back in Plumbing and i had never been happier! we made a great pair! we did everything together! we were the "Dynamic Duo of the Lowe's in Bellevue". everyone knew us and everyone knew that if you asked one of us to do something, both of us were on it like white-on-rice. it worked out quite well if i do say so myself!! we did lunch every day, regardless of if we worked the same hours or not... i miss our lunch-talks... baby i love you! *muah*
4) Dana "Shmeck" - oh lady... you so pretty!! and that baby of yours?! gunna be a heart-breaker for sure!! she's the cutest! do you remember the first day we met?! and the first week we started the Lowe's Bowling Crew?! oh wow... those were the days!! she's amazing people! she taught me all the ropes of the front end, and how to not take crap from anyone! i owe a lot to her! ah the memories! using duct tape to hold her pants together, making the "attitude adjuster"... and the "mini-attitude adjuster"... you know, for those minor adjustments... awesome. love it.

4 Things people should know about me:
1) i am probly too stubborn for my own good
2) i'm also probly too competitive... i never lose. and don't you forget it.
3) i love taking naps (if it were up to me there would be a mandatory nap time instated throughout America... people would be happier for sure)
4) i will laugh REALLY HARD at just about anything that's funny (and even at things that aren't funny) because i love to laugh! (and because i think that laughing at people's "dumb jokes" makes them happier and feel more loved...)

NEXT, I tag anybody
who wants to be tagged!

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