Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i'm a fish

my horoscope for the day, compliments of MSN Astrology:

Today is a day for speaking your truth, Kiley. Whatever you’ve got to say and have been holding back, it’s time to let it out. Even if you’re not feeling at your strongest or most confident, now’s the moment to take a leap of faith. Don’t worry if you have trouble finding the right words, trust that they will come, and that the fruit of your efforts will bring you relief and peace of mind.

ok... this one i might take seriously

Don't take everything so seriously. Consciously lighten up and take the stressful edge off of your work. You will be much more productive if you are able to smile at yourself and feel at ease instead of in competition with everyone around you.

my job isn't exactly stressful or competitive... but i guess i could smile more...

Today you can feel in tune with your most important emotions. You might attempt to focus your energy on creating affection instead of simply unleashing it. You need plenty of affection in your life in order to feel your best. When words fail, try to give yourself the opportunity to express your needs through affecting others in a positive light. You have a special connection to the economy. Giving your time or money to a needy cause helps you feel pleasantly connected with the world.

ok, you had me til you started telling me where to spend my money...

don't ya just love horoscopes?!


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