Monday, May 19, 2008

what did i JUST say?

ever had a moment like this?
you explain something to someone, and they don't listen to the words that are coming out of your mouth, and then they ask you a question that you JUST answered in your explanation, and you really wanna jump through the phone (or over the counter, depending on the situation) and beat them over the head, but since you can't really do that you just wanna be like...
"what did i JUST say?"
conversation with patient via phone...
"Washington Institute of Sports Medicine, this is Kiley"
"hi this is so-and-so, i'd like to set up an appointment for this Thursday at 4:30"
"i'm sorry, i actually don't have a spot at 4:30, the latest one i have that day is a 1:30"
"oh, so you don't have a 4:00?"
"....(insert phrase here), sorry"
conversation with member of club
"i wanted to come in and play a little tennis, would you happen to have a court available at 1:00 today?"
"i'm sorry, i actually don't have any availabilities for the rest of the day"
"oh, so you don't have one at 3:00 either?"
"....(insert phrase here), sorry"
conversation with customer service
"i need to change my contact phone number...the other one doesn't work."
"ok, what's the new number?"
"ok, so the old number isn't a good number to reach you at?"
"....(insert phrase here)"
honestly people... if you would JUST pay attention the FIRST time, you might not look or sound like a complete IDIOT when you're talking to someone. at least TRY and act professional!!


emily said...

this is a phrase i say to my children at least 147 times a day! i'm very familiar!

Brian Lutz said...

Oh, so you're saying that not paying attention to what people are telling you isn't really a good idea?


kiley said...

*throws staper*
what did i just say?
hahaha ;)

Jessica said...

I must say that I know exactly what you mean, and I bet Matt can relate even more!! Can't wait to see you in August!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

oh my gosh!!! i swear every day is like that for me! ha ha!