Tuesday, May 20, 2008

it's a great... day to be alive...

i know the sun's still shinin' when i close my eyes!...

so i had an interview today.
10am at BusinessCareers with Donna.
wait... let me back up just a sec....
when i woke up this morning it was cold and rainy...
i got in the shower, straightened my hair, got dressed and headed to my interview.
while i was on my way it was pouring down rain...
aaaaand i almost died.
no joke.
there was a Subaru Outback in front of me... a Subaru Outback behind and to the right of me... and a Subaru Outback turning in front of me to go the opposite direction...
i was gripping the wheel so tight my fingers hurt...
my thoughts: "this is it for me. that's it. i'm dead."
luckily i made it.
to make matters worse my busted heel caught on the hem of my slacks and ripped the dang thing right out... and it's already hard to walk on it BECAUSE it's broken (i forgot it was like that til it ripped out my hem...) and the entire lobby of this building in Bellevue is tile!! so i'm talking to myself as i walk to the elevator (which i hate)
"ok, slow... don't slip... slow..."
made it to the elevator, made it to the right office. signed in, filled out my thingy, and before i knew it, Donna came out and had me come back to her desk.
she asked me a bunch of questions and scribbled some stuff down on some paper and then had me go in another room to take some short tests (spelling, grammar, math, Microsoft Word and Excel) but before i could finish those she has already found an interview for me with someone that wanted to make me an offer TODAY!
the interview was set for 1:00pm and it's for a place just up the hill from my current job!!
how convenient!
i was finished with everything in time to have a bite to eat with Banana at AppleBee's (ohmigosh, so good food) and then pick up Sally at the bus stop before the interview. and to top THAT off the sun was out and it had turned into a beautiful day!
finally made it to my interview, went in, went over responsibilities, benefits, pay, hours... the works... met a couple employees that would he helping me train...
aaaaaand they want me back for a second interview and a "trial run" to see if i'm really as serious about this as i think i am tomorrow at 10am...
AHH! i'm excited!!
those benefits, pay and hours i mentioned... yeah
Monday-Thursday: 8-5
Friday: 8-12
Full Benefits, Medical and Dental Health
401K after a year
$2 MORE an hour than my current rate...
CAN life get any better?
i submit that it CANNOT!!

wish me luck!! :)
i'll let ya know how it goes tomorrow.


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