Wednesday, May 21, 2008

another great day to be alive!

even though the sun isn't shining it's a FANTASTIC day!!

it's day 6 of my 7 day challenge and i'm feeling GREAT! :)
i was up at 8 getting ready for my interview, put on some cute clothes, and headed out.
it was a rainy drive, but i tried to stay optimistic and keep my mind in the right place, instead of on the IDIOT drivers... (one of which decided it would be a good idea to flip a you-know-what right as i was headed at them at 35mph... yeah, not really smart... but whatever) i refrained from using my horn and just went on my way.
i went in to my interview, met the other person that will be training me and everything...
so i start Friday! :) (like, day after tomorrow Friday...)
the deats:
it's called Pain Consultants of Washington they deal with older patients with chronic pain. i'll be working 8-Noon for the next week, for training and orientation stuff, and so i can still finish out my last couple weeks at my current job. the people i'll be working with are great. i already know that i'll like them!! :)
it's not going to be easy, but it will be awesome!!
i'm gunna be working 8-Noon and then 2-7 for a couple weeks i think... long days... but i guess i'll have a pretty decent lunch break so i can't complain :) and i'll be making money.
aaaaaaand i'll finally pay off my loans from school! YAY!!!
*sigh* awesome. can't wait to start!!

on another note, i watched the Season Finale of NCIS today between my interview and work... and cried!! :( serious! i was sitting there crying... i'm such a boob... it was a very sad 2 hour finale... i watched the finale of Shark too... and Monday was CSI: Miami finale... (can you BELIEVE what happened?!?!) tonight continues my week of Season Finales... this week will be a hard one for me... i don't like it when my shows end with cliff-hangers... not exactly lovin Jerry Bruckheimer right now...
anyway... yeah...


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