Wednesday, April 23, 2008

40lbs. by AUG 6th OR BUST!!

so, i know i've blogged about this a couple times before, but whatever... it never hurts to be "enthusiastic" about losing weight.
since the last time i posted about this i've become a little more serious about it too...
i had a big motivation burst yesterday! i came to work, as usual and brought my "extreme gulp" jug full of ice water to drink. it's about 64oz. and i usually drain one in a work day (5 hours) which isn't bad if you ask me!!
but anyway, where i work, DLP also does Fire Fighter Testing, so yesterday there were a couple of them here and one of them asked me about my jug of water... i said that i had 32lbs left to lose by August 6th...
"why that number? and why that date?"
"well, my whole family is coming into town for my family reunion that day... and i don't wanna be the cow in all the pictures..."
"*haha* i see! well, that's a good way to start! most of the time when someone starts to lose weight it's mostly water weight that goes first."
"yeah, i've decided to cut out pop and burgers..."
"good idea! do you plan out your meals?"
"i don't, but i should..."
"well, when you plan to plan out your meals, you should try and eat 4-6 small meals a day... a serving the size of your fist, lots of fruits and vegetables, fiber, carbs... what have you been working on so far?"
"well, it's been baby steps so far, so i'm not shocking the crap out of my body, ya know... i don't eat after 9pm, it would be earlier, but i don't get off work til 7 or later every night... but yeah, that and i don't drink pop or eat out, and i try and drink lots and lots of water."
"do you eat a lot of dairy?"
"uh... well, i drink milk...??"
"what about cottage cheese?"
"eww... no... not a fan"
"it's good for you... i don't really like it either, but you might try mixing it half and half with yogurt, maybe throw in some fruit... and there's a meal!"
"hmm... i'll have to try that... :)"
"yeah, it seems like you've got a good idea of what you need to do, now all you have to do is actually DO IT!"
"yeah, i've gotta force myself for a bit, but i think i'll be able to just form a habit..."
"yeah, and if you need or want any pointers, just give us a call at the Fire Department and ask for me! i'd be more than happy ta help you out."
"THANKS! that would be awesome!"
he was a pretty awesome guy... not bad looking either... hmm...
THEN my co-worker came in and she's a personal trainer...
i asked her if i could pick her brain for some other ideas on what i could cut out, add in, or change, and we had a good chat about calories and how much i was taking in... and how much i SHOULD be taking in... and how i need to actually drag my sorry butt out of bed in the morning and get my metabolism going so i'm not just retaining water and being a slug...
and THEN one of the dad's of one of our athletes came in and mentioned to me that i looked thinner... (which i thought was AWESOME...) i said that i'd only lost 8lbs in the last month, but i guess... THANKS!! :) he asked me what i was doing and i went through the whole shpeal (if that's a word) again and said that i had been going through boxes and found pictures of what i looked like in high school... DANG i looked good... if only... so i said that i was on my way to making my Drivers License accurate again... :)
anyway, so yeah... BIG motivation day for me...
so this morning, instead of rolling over and shutting off my very-loud-alarm (the NFL Theme) i actually got my sorry butt out of bed at 9, made breakfast, cleaned my room, finished my laundry, sorted a stack of papers while doing a few ab-exercises, had a healthy lunch with some friends, and now i'm at work...
i've had about 60oz of water today and had to pee-like-sea-biscuit about 6 or 8 times already...
talk about flushing your system! no joke...
Day 1 and counting... wish me luck!!


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