Friday, April 25, 2008

back to basics...

the draft starts tomorrow at noon... now, i know how some of this works, but i still had some questions, so i went looking for answers... i decided to post my findings here for anyone else that was wondering how and why the NFL Draft works...
look how resourceful i am ;) yay for Google!

How is the NFL Draft Order determined?

• The team with the lowest winning percentage at the end of the previous season drafts first in the NFL Draft.
• The rest of the teams are placed in order from lowest winning percentage to the highest.
• The Super Bowl winner drafts last, even if they do not have the highest winning percentage.
• The Super Bowl loser drafts next to last.
• Strength of schedule for the previous season is the first tie-breaker for teams with the same winning percentage.
• Divisional and conference records are the next step in the tie-breaking procedure.
• As a last resort, a coin toss is used to determine the order of selection for teams with the same winning percentage.
• If a playoff and non-playoff team end the season with the same winning percentage, the non-playoff team selects before the playoff team regardless of strength of schedule.

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