Monday, April 14, 2008

ode to Mr. Soccer

i'd like to take this opportunity to praise one of my heroes:
Mr. Soccer... (self appointed codename)
he is a great friend to his friends...
example: he lets his friends crash on his floor when they've had a long day and need to "charge"...
he's a magnificent photographer, if anyone needs Senior Pictures, Wedding Photos, Bridals, Scenic Views for Backgrounds... anything, just hit him up and boom. perfection in a flash. (get it?)
he lights up a room with his presence. can't you just tell he's a little ray of sunshine?! (see picture)
he's crazy strong... i'll bet he spends hours on end at the gym... look at those arms...
he entertains the masses with his cheerful disposition and willingness to provide others with "life lessons" based on his knowledge and extensive life experience.
he loves to travel... especially with friends. one day he hopes to go to the moon. (hey, let me know if it's really made of cheese)
he's awesome at video documentaries of his "happ'nin life" and the lives of his friends...
mostly, he's an all around awesome person.

oh, did i mention that he's got some pretty stellar hobbies?
they include, but are not limited to:
-blogging from his phone
-harassing people at church activities
-attempting to "decode" my blog
-getting knocked out at sports night
-locking himself out of his apartment
-getting knocked out while snowboarding
-making videos that could make someone nauseous
-posting about world changing events

AND i'm pretty sure that he's convinced that everyone reads his blogs to find the true meaning of life and to help them get through their day without thoughts of suicide... (some of those people had a little scare while he had a pause in postings... lets hope THAT never happens again! sheesh!) i can honestly say i read his blog religiously! if i didnt have his blog, i'd be lost.

i think this pretty much sums up my hero!!
thanks for being the greatest Mr. Soccer!!



Mike said...

hm. maybe Mr.Soccer. i'm a lot more into soccer than basketball.

kiley said...

ok. i'll fix it...