Friday, April 11, 2008

i found the word i was looking for...

1. Full of or characterized by extreme anger; raging.
2. Suggestive of extreme anger in action or appearance; fierce.

i think that pretty much sums it up.
today i got to the point where i had tears of rage in my eyes, threatening to ruin my non-water-proof makeup.
i STILL don't have my shoes. today is Friday, April 11th, as it says above this post. that's 13 days since i ordered my shoes and 11 since they were shipped. oh, and 4 days since they were delivered to the wrong freaking address.
now, any of you that know me know that i'm a very... lets say, out spoken person. i tend to let people know exactly how i feel, even if they don't ask how i'm doing. i also don't believe in taking crap from ANYONE at all. i have very little respect for authority (unrighteous dominion) and even less respect for people that are STUPID and can't do anything at all that requires half a braincell. for the love. dealing with these people who are in Customer Service, but don't know the meaning of it, has spun me into a dimension of pissed off i've never been before in my life. (borrowed that from Ron White)
i called the Customer Service number on the receipt from Journeys and spoke to someone there again about tracking down my order. he took down my information and said that their system was down and that he'd have to give me a call back when he could look at my order and give me any information about it.
that's annoying!!
THEN i called the Journeys store and asked to speak to the manager or supervisor. the chick that answered the phone said that she was the only manager there at the time, so i said:
"ok, i have a big problem, first of all my shoes have been lost, secondly the people that i've talked to from there don't know how to communicate and frankly are very rude. i was told one thing by one person, and a completely different thing by another. and i was also told, quite rudely i might add, that 'there's only one guy that works here and i don't think he would have told you that there's no number to call to track the order' and i don't really appreciate being treated like that."
"uh... that was me that you talked to, and the only thing i can really say is that the store manager will be back in 20-30 minutes, so you can call back and talk to her... i don't know what else to tell you... as far as your shoes being lost, as soon as we put the order in and UPS takes over there's nothing we can really do about it..."
so i said i'd call back...
in the mean time, the guy from Journeys Customer Service called me back and told me some different information than the guy i talked to last time... apparently it takes 8 days, not "a few", to track down an order and get it either re-routed or re-shipped to the correct address. of course i was pissed. he put me on hold for about 5 or 6 minutes and when he came back he apologized and said that he was looking up the tracker to see if and when it started and said that NEXT Friday they will have concluded their investigation... rar. another freaking week... i also asked him if there was a number for UPS itself that i could call and talk to someone, to which he replied that, in all honesty, it wouldn't do me any good to call them because the only thing they could do was track it, and that was already happening. whatever. he told me that someone from UPS should be calling me in the next couple of days to tell me exactly where they were in their investigation and exactly what would happen with my shoes.
by the time i finished up talking to that guy i had about 4 minutes to cool off before i called Journeys back to talk to the store manager.
i called, she, the store manager, answered...
"ah, just the person i wanted to talk to... ok, first of all, i understand that after you guys send in an order to UPS there's nothing really you can do about it and whether or not it's delivered on time. just so you know, they lost my shoes... well, delivered them to the wrong address... and i'm not happy about it. ("oh, of course, i'd be pissed too") yeah, so what i'm calling to talk to YOU about is your associates and how rude and unprofessional they treat your customers. i was treated very poorly, spoken to very rudely, and given different information each time that i've called over the past couple days that i've been conversing with your store. i don't know how else to say it, but the communication between your associates sucks. i'm not happy. (for mole: not happy bob, not happy...) i think that's pretty obvious. this is the second time that i've had a bad experience with you guys. the first time was about a year ago and instead of it being a miss-delivery on UPS' part it was on you guys because whoever put my order in the computer didn't actually submit it until 4 days later. ("oh... i'm sorry about that, that's ridiculous") yeah, it is. but i decided to give you guys the benefit of the doubt and give it another try... right now, i'm sorry that i did! i'm pretty unhappy with the service i've received. i thought you, being the store manager, should know how your employees are treating customers. i mean, i know how it goes with the whole "passing-the-buck" thing because i used to work in customer service. you pretty much get crapped on by people all the time. but having that experience i thought i'd bring it to your attention that your associates, even your manager 'the only guy that works there', have been treating people poorly and talking down to them... again, i understand the whole thing about how after you send in the order it's out of your hands, but even still the people working there are responsible for the way they treat customers. i mean it's basically up to them whether or not your store even retains customers."
there might have been a few "choice words" in there and maybe some more details that i've forgotten, but i think i've beaten this point into the ground.
she assured me that she would be personally handling the associates that i spoke with and store-wide speaking to the associates about good customer service.
my work here is done.
as for the UPS people... if i don't see some shoes by Friday i'm going straight to Corporate and demanding free delivery and a full refund on my order.
this is ridiculous.
someone's gunna wish they hadn't come to work next Friday if i don't have my feet in a pair of Mens DC Aerotech 2's - size 6 - black/grey/white/red...

until Friday.


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