Friday, April 11, 2008

my best friend... she came back!!

yay! my best friend, that one that moved away to Utah, is back! she got back recently and as always, we kicked it and then, of course, we got in the c-o-i*. and also, of course, we HAD to take pictures.
don't let this picture fool you... she loves me. :)
i mean, c'mon what are best friends for?!
i'm so excited to have her back in town!!
there's so much to talk about now that we can do it with facial expressions added into the conversation...
(trust me, it's more fun that way, it makes the story more interesting)
and we don't have to do "Reader's Digest Version" of stories because we're not worried about minutes or work getting in the way... it's great. she's the best.
since she's been back all i can think about is how many things we're gunna do, how great this summer is gunna be, and how i have my Partner in Crime back!! there are parties to be the life of, hundreds of cute and ridiculous pictures to take, guys to talk for about for hours on end, dumb girls we don't like to plot our revenge against (kidding) pillow fights to have in our "unmentionables" (kidding again...for real, we don't do that, sorry to disappoint ya guys)
but in all seriousness:
Woman, i freakin love you!! i know you'll read this at some point or another, maybe even twice if i'm lucky, so i just thought you should know!! you're the greatest!!! i'm way excited to have you back!! we gotta make this summer an awesome one!!
lots of love!!

*what's the c-o-i you ask?? my siblings and i used to ask if it was alright to get into the "h-o-t-t-u-b" when the kids were over so they wouldn't be upset because they couldn't get in with us. well one day my oldest niece, being the smart kid she is, figured it out... she walked up to granny and asked
"granny, can i get in the c-o-i?"
"what's the c-o-i?"
"da tub," she said with this look of DUH on her face...
thus: "c-o-i" it is and always will be.


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