Thursday, April 03, 2008


i went out to visit my sister this past weekend...
my brother dropped me off at the ferry... i was booking it down the sidewalk with my duffel bag and big purse so i wouldn't miss the boat... turns out i didn't need to run, the one i needed to be on didn't come for another hour... ugh... figures.
i rode the ferry over and when i got there it was raining... oh yay. we went back to her place, and then went to the mall... which is when i purchased my beautiful shoes... and then watched movies and had dinner and just dorked around.
it was way fun!
their dog, Lady (pictured) is so big now!!
she woke me up Sunday morning about like the picture... with her nose in my face... what a doll... she laid in bed next to me for about an hour and then i got up and let her out.
Monday morning she didn't wake me up, but she was next to me when i woke up... this time she was asleep too... i guess that's what i get for sleeping on a mattress on the floor... :)
my sister, brother-in-law and i spent the weekend just kinda... doin whatever... it was a fun vacation for me :)
it's fun to spend time with my sister... we could sit for hours together and entertain each other... in fact, when i post my blogs, and i want them to be funny, i call her and read them aloud as i type them... for some reason that makes them more humorous and entertaining... we have lots of fun together... we laugh at the same things... the same ridiculous people... (they only do it for our entertainment!!)
cant wait til i getta go visit again!! :) i miss my Lady Girl!! oh, and my sister and brother-in-law too... hahaha


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