Wednesday, April 23, 2008

holy slow texter...

for the life of me, i cant understand why it takes 5 years for people who are young(er) to send a text.
i mean c'mon.
even my DAD can send a text in a relatively short period of time!! and he's got fat fingers! (no offence dad... it's a small phone with small buttons... or something)
if you can't figure out the "T9", switch to manual! it's easy! the letters are printed on the keys!!
when you're trying to have a conversation with someone, through text, and they take over an hour to respond, MOST people have already forgotten what the conversation was about.
you have to go back into your outbox (if your phone automatically saves it) and see what you asked or said to get the response you did...
and if your phone doesn't save it you're S.O.L.
good luck piecing together the conversation.
it's even worse when it's inconsistent!!
explanation: if someone usually is a pretty quick responder, but then one day they just take forever, without ANY explanation or reason (i.e. working, in a meeting, sleeping...) it makes ya wonder 'um... hello? are you alive? or just ignoring me?'...
and vice-versa... if someone is notoriously slow at texting, i can get used to that. but when they all of a sudden start texting right back when you expect to have a good hour of waiting, it totally throws off the groove.
is it too much to ask for a little consistency!?!
for the record: this is NOT an attack on guys. girls, you do it too.
honestly people. use your thumbs...
yeah, i know that some people aren't the texting type, they prefer to talk on the phone or even be in person to have conversations...
there's nothing wrong with that!
i'm totally down for talking on the phone or going out to lunch and chatting over some good food, or even just kickin it and talking/venting while playing Madden NFL 08 or Grand Theft Auto IV or Rainbow Six Vegas II... or some game where you get to shoot things and people... (those of you that know me know that i mostly just watch these games... the only video game i'm actually good at is the old Mario Brothers games)
anyway... there's my little vent about Holy Slow Texters... hopefully i won't have to re-visit this one...


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